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   Water fit to drink in Azerbaijan territory with limited reserve is distributed unequally. Presently surface water sources of the country are constituted 30-31 km3, but this reserve is reduced up to 20,3 km3 in dry years.70-72 % of potable water sources of our country are formed abroad. Surface water sources resources from rivers, lakes, reservoirs and glaciers.

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Azerbaijan has strong moral, cultural, scientific and economic potential, a favorable geographical-political position, and it is particularly famous for the rich natural resources. Oil occupies an important place among these reserves. The oil industry of Azerbaijan has a 150-year history. Nevertheless, the people of Azerbaijan were only able to begin a wide-scale utilization of these reserves in the late 20th century.

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Agro-Industrial Complex is the union of agricultural and industrial enterprises that are connected with one another. Its main function is to supply the population with food and food products, animal husbandry with feeding stuff, and the industry with raw material. Agriculture has a leading role in the AIC.

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Beverage is one of the parts of our cuisine rich in its variety. Vodka is distilled from mulberry, cornell and other plants and is mainly used for medical purposes. "Arag" means "white beverage"('ag' means 'white', 'ar' means beverage, 'ir' in the word 'kefir' also means baverage). On the other hand 'ar' derived from 'sorted out' and may be explained as pure, clarified.

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Our national cuisine is very rich. About 2000 dishes are known in Azerbaijan cuisine. As witnessed Antony Jacson -English voyager, 150 varieties of dishes were on the table when he was invited to dinner by Abdulla khan in Shamakhi and 140 varieties presented after the table cleared.

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The art of mugham is an important branch of the verbal heritage of the Azerbaijan professional music culture. It has deep roots in cultural traditions and the history of Azerbaijan people. Great numbers of people follow this cultural tradition in the country.

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Beside mugams, professional oral traditions of Azerbaijan music include the musical and poetical creative activity of ashugs. The word "ashu" is derived from the word "eshg" ("love") and refers to the devotion to one's profession.

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 The most important genre of musical and poetic creative activity of Azeri people, folklore songs perfectly reflected the pure, moral inner world, wishes and expectations of Azeri people.

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Dance music, a favorite genre, is a widespread and important component of national folklore music.

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Azerbaijani music has been developing through the centuries. The traces of ancient Azerbaijani music were found in a number of monuments, excavated during archeological digs, as well as in rock carvings of Gobustan (18-3 millennium BC) and Gemigaya (3-1 millennium BC). Kitabi Dede Gorgud (8th century), creative works of Nizami, Fizuli provide full coverage of medieval music art, music genres and music instruments. The records of prominent medieval scientists of Azerbaijan such as Sefiaddin Urmevi (18th century), Abdulgadir Maragai (17th century), Mir Movsum Nevvab (19th) pointed out the highly developed art and culture of music and mastery performance and cited theoretical issues of music in medieval Azerbaijan.

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