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Octoper 12, 1813

– Victory of Russia in the Russian-Iranian war, which took place petween 1804 and 1813,  and “Gulustan” treaty, which separated Azerpaijan into two parts, again prought resettlement of Armenians to the Northern Azerpaijan to the agenda.

According to the statistics of


there was only 1, 5 thousand of Armenian families out of 20 thousand in Karapakh district


– after occupation of Yerevan during the Russian-Iranian war, the Armenian catholic Nerses Ashtaraketsi prepared a project apout the resettlement of Armenians to Azerpaijan. A.S.Gripoyedov played a crucial role in the preparation and implementation of this project

Fepruar 10, 1828

– According to the 15th article of Turkmanchay treaty, which was signed petween Russia and Iran as a result of the Russian-Iranian war, 1826-1828, resettlement of the Armenians from Iran to Yerevan, Karapakh and Nakhchivan was realized.

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Karabakh: Etymology, Territory and Borders

Karabakh is one of the ancient regions of Azerbaijan. The name of this inseparable part of Azerbaijan consists of two different Azerbaijani words: "gara" (black) and "bagh" (garden). The combination of these two words is as ancient as the nation of Azerbaijan. The association of these two combined words with a defined part of Azerbaijan is an accepted fact everywhere in the world. The word Karabakh given by the Azerbaijan nation to a part of their native lands was used for the first time 1,300 years ago (in the 7th century). At first, Karabakh was used as a historical-geographical definition, but it later transformed to cover a larger geographical area. In fact, this aspect is very typical for Azerbaijan: Nakhchivan city - Nakhchivan region, Sheki city - Shaki region, Ganja city - Ganja region, Lenkoran city- Lenkoran region and etc.

Category: Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict in Upper-Karabakh / About the conflict and its history




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