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Diversity of drinks in Azeri cuisine

16-10-2014, 14:17,

Beverage is one of the parts of our cuisine rich in its variety. Vodka is distilled from mulberry, cornell and other plants and is mainly used for medical purposes. "Arag" means "white beverage"('ag' means 'white', 'ar' means beverage, 'ir' in the word 'kefir' also means baverage). On the other hand 'ar' derived from 'sorted out' and may be explained as pure, clarified.

With the help of distillation it is possible to prepare different curative vodkas, essences and other distillations from different plants.

The samples are vodka, gulab (flower water) distilled from meant and "chal arag" prepared of mixed green. 'Buza'- beer is also prepared in Azerbaijan since ancient times. Russian word "buzit" derived from this word.

As in other Turkic cuisine there are different beverage such as 'ayran', 'atlama', 'bulama' made of milk and soured dairy.

Different syrups are prepared of fruit juice, different plant essences and sugar. Syrups are usually put on the table together with plov and are drunk in holidays and ceremonies. Beverage such as "Ovshala", "gandab", "water of dog-house", "salab" are not only beauties of the table but they also have curative peculiarities.

Tea occupies particular place in Azerbaijan cuisine. One can't imagine the table without tea. Coffee and cacao is rarely used in comparison with tea. Boiled hot water and other milk beverage are put on the table in the mornings.

Mineral waters of Azerbaijan 'Istisu', 'Badamli', 'Sirab' and other occupy particular among beverage. They are used to slake thirst and have curative peculiarities.

Beverage prepared of thick bakmaz boiled of mulberry juice, water-melon, sugar-cane, beet, grapes, wild date also slake thirst and have curative peculiarities.

To slake thirst and simplify the stomach of stodge and rich dishes we may use 'iskenjebi' that is made of mixture of honey and vinegar.

In some sources it is called 'sirke bali'(vinegar honey). Sometimes sugar is used instead of honey.

Khoshabs(compotes) and paluds (kissel) in our cuisine are not the king of sweet dish but that of beverage. The best beverage is icy water of Azerbaijan springs.



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